BLHeli Rev14.3.0.1

Published on December 8 2015

Changes in
 BLHeli Rev14.3 Hex files integrated.
 Improved functionality with interfaces “E” and “6” to flash SiLabs and Atmel ESC with the Cleanflight
“serial 1wire passthrough for BLHeli”. Now only the active ESC (e.g. 3 in a tricopter config) are
accessible and accessed while “Check”.
Attention: you need to flash the FC with the latest Cleanflight or Betaflight *.hex (or *.bin) compiled
with “#define USE_SERIAL_1WIRE“.
External serial Interfaces:
 Adapted ZTW Spider Pro 20A for standalone boxes.
 All interfaces and interface boxes should be updated to rev.

Written by escadrille des salines

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